About Us

Why Choose Us

We are completely aware that there are plenty of deal sites out there operating the same way that we do. However, there are several reasons why customers keep coming back to us when looking for great online deals on selected products. The reasons why you need to choose us are:

  • We guarantee amazing savings on shipping
  • We sell a wide range of home goods  and electronics
  • We ship everything within the same day unlike other sites that ship out after several days
  • We provide free shipping domestically regardless of how big the order is
  • We adhere to best practices when dealing with customers or transacting business

Here at our online deal site, international orders are subject to cheaper shipping costs. We value our customers greatly and their ultimate satisfaction has been one of our top priorities. Valuing customers and being dedicated to satisfy their needs is one of the crucial things in this business.

About Us

Online daily deal sites are perfect places for those who love shopping online for desirable and great deals on services. If you are one of these individuals, make sure to commit with the most trusted site to ensure ultimate protection of your interest as a customer. We are an online daily site that you can trust. We sell varieties of electronics and we provide shipping services to our valued customers who place their orders online.

Our Story

This company was originally founded by two best friends who started selling their products online from their basement. Surprisingly, this has grown into a 10,000 square foot warehouse in which we provide quality, up to date and the newest home items and electronics. We offer varieties to choose from so customers are given all the liberty to select products that match their needs.